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Farnsfield Cricket Club Internal
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The members of Farnsfield Cricket Club wanted to create a more useable and desirable space for use by the Club and as a social venue for members of the public.

The existing building was in a poor state of repair and in desperate need of some maintenance. The flat roof was in a poor condition and had a number of leaks throughout the building.

Although the budget was limited, the brief included the following:

  • Internal alterations to create more open and useable spaces
  • Improve the external appearance of the building
  • Alterations to the roof to form a more robust finish
  • Create additional spectator space externally

The proposals which were put together and carried out were to add a more traditional pitched roof with overhanging frontage to form a covered terrace, internal alterations and decorations, update internal fittings (bar, toilets, furniture) and the forming of a large area of patio overlooking the cricket pitch.

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