Roman Bank 1060 x 500 (7A)

Taking on board the properties sensitive site layout the scheme has been developed carefully to avoid and enhance views into and out of the site. Our aim was to make a moment of the entrance by creating a spectacular double heighted space that the house wraps around. We were approached on a brief to build assignment and worked with the client to evolve the scheme in line with their desires and budget.

The idea was to provide consistency to the elevation done by rendering the new and existing allowing it to be read as whole. This gave opportunity to create a moment of juxtaposition with the proposed contemporary timber box, which emerges and cantilevers from the facade at a varying angle creating a moment of tension for those arriving at the property.

The brief:

  • Work with the client to reconsider the house layout and look for interesting ways to reutilise the existing house.
  • Work with a contractor resolve to create a scheme that reflected the clients budget.
  • Assist with seeing the design through from conception to completion.

The project was completed in August 2016.

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