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The former A1 Little Chef at Wansford now bears a new name: ArcHaus

Refurbishment works are now complete on the Northbound icon at Wansford. The former Little Chef, now bears a fresh, contemporary new title as the ArcHaus. The renovation boasts modern, naturally lit, open plan internal spaces with environmentally friendly power and heating methods whilst externally remaining sympathetic to the 1930s architectural essence.


Wansford Knight

It originally opened in 1932 as the Wansford Knight, a roadhouse, that provided rooms and a restaurant for travellers.


The New Mermaid Inn

In 1936 the building changed hands and became The New Mermaid Inn to replace a building that was demolished to allow the widening of the road at the junction where the Old North Road meets Old Leicester Road.


Little Chef

In the 1970s The New Mermaid Inn and a lot of other road side cafes and restaurants were bought out and rebranded as the Little Chef to expand the chain across the UK, The company chose not to replace the building, but to extend and refurbish the existing to make the building fit in with the standardised corporate design.



The building remained as the Little chef until 2007 when the company changed hands and a revision of the locations excluded the Wansford site.



In 2013 Harris McCormack Architects Ltd bought and started renovation works on the iconic plot and after much effort, time and patience in 2015 it opened its doors. The practice was originally based in a cosy ground floor office nestled in the heart of Stamford.


Rebranded as ArcHaus and Ducati

The original Bauhaus design of the building makes it an architectural rarity although subject to modernisation and an extension to the frontage, it forgoes listed building status. Images of the original building compared with recent ones demonstrate how relatively small changes to proportions and detailing can diminish the original architectural purity of the building.

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“Everybody said we were completely mad to buy it because there was water pouring through the roof and it was a real mess inside, but we could see past all that. That’s what we do. We could see that it was a fantastic space and we fell in love with it.”

William McCormack, HMA Ltd
  • The last remaining example
  • Solar panels
  • Biomass heating
  • Contemporary Pod meeting Room