Beautiful barn conversion

Conversion of former farm buildings and crew yard into private residential dwelling

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    13 months
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Glebe Barn

The brief
  • To design a scheme for the conversion of a range of former stone barns and crew yard on a sloping site, to provide a luxurious family home maximising the spectacular views over the Welland Valley from within and around the house
The solution

Site offered a rare opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Welland Valley. An elevated site outside the village, the site has a wonderful view down the valley of the Harringworth viaduct: Simply stunning.

The rule book was thrown out and the “traditional” layout of a family home turned on its head to ensure the prime views from the house could be enjoyed from the main reception rooms and outdoor space.

This meant that the bedrooms were all at lower ground level and the vast family kitchen / family room and outside terracing was all built “up the hill” to ensure that uninterrupted views of the valley can be enjoyed.

Putting a modern spin on a traditional barn style, whilst  the new kitchen building takes the appearance of a “converted” dutch barn, it is actually a completely new build structure built over a lower ground / part basement which accommodates  a large garage, more bedrooms and cinema room.

The converted old stone barn provides the focal point of the courtyard and a generous double height living room.

The new house also benefits from air source heating for the heating and hot water.

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