Building a unique holiday rental

Restoration and Conversion of residential cottages to holiday lettings in the village on Tinwell

  • Timeline:
    14 months
  • Location:
    Tinwell, Rutland
  • Client:
  • Category:
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Tinwell Holiday Cottages

The brief
  • Design and secure planning permission for the conversion of the 3 cottages to a unique, one off holiday let.
  • Make use of every available square foot of floor space, and generate a unique selling point, which would mean that the cottages could be added to a bespoke holiday letting site.
The solution

When we were appointed to look at a project for a returning Client, we were presented with a set of 3 terraced cottages, which were in a very poor state and hadn’t been lived in for a number of years.

HMA prepared a number of alternative layout schemes, whilst maintaining a very close relationship with the Client, who was very keen to get the very best for their development.

With minimal site input, HMA provided support to the Client, who managed the project themselves.

The end results are a combination of HMA’s design and professional experience, paired with the Clients incredible vision for style and quality.

This project has been an exciting journey and one which is of incredibly high quality and craftsmanship.   

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